July, 2012

Jul 12

The Magic of Music Lessons

For the past twenty years my days have been consumed with the business. Composing, creating, producing, publishing and selling song-based curriculum resources designed to help kids excel in school. But this past September I began to add something different. On Saturday mornings I started to teach six year olds to play the piano.

I found myself starting to look forward to Saturday morning, every week, because the transition I saw take place in these kids’ lives, was amazing! Each little boy came with a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Over the period of the school year, we met once a week, learning to play simple pieces; learning the duration of different notes, the names of the notes and how to phrase musically with the metronome.

I am so proud of these kids. Through learning to play the piano, both students have changed their approach to learning in general. Each student has developed the discipline of regular practise. Each has become more of a perfectionist, eager to point out, and discuss, the mistakes they have made and how the next performance could be improved. How cool is that?