March, 2011

Mar 11

March Break Fun!

During March Break, many of us take off a little extra time for ourselves and our families. One of my own favorite pastimes is to go and jam on weekends with a local band. These guys are great, great players and the cost of admission is really buying something to eat or drink. It’s always nice to see families bringing in their kids to hear some good music. Some of life’s best lessons are not necessarily learned in school. Hope you have fun this month!

Mar 11

Bilingual Songs in China

Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin, vol. 1As you read this, thousands of English teachers in mainland China are singing The Body / 身体歌 from the album Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin, vol. 1. It seems that this song has become a big hit in the “Motivating Young Learners” workshops put on by the British Council. We’ve made this song available for all of those teachers (free streaming online) and thought that you might enjoy it too. Here is the link. Enjoy!