December, 2010

Dec 10

Today is Our Anniversary!

Twenty years ago, on Dec. 24th, I was still teaching school. I had the day off, and so did my kids. So with my children in tow, I trudged down to the incorporation office and filed the documents to incorporate my company. The government office was quite empty. Who in their right mind would spend Dec. 24th filing incorporation documents except perhaps a teacher who had prepared everything from a do-it-yourself manual and had no other days off? I remember my son and daughter taking over the deserted office area, pelting rolled up mittons at each other, while the documents were being processed.

We’ve probably sold over a million resources by now used in dozens of countries around the world. It’s a happy anniversary. Sometimes taking a chance is a good thing.

Dec 10

Travelling to Guadalajara and the 2010 Book Fair

This year’s Guadalajara Book Fair was exciting as usual. New partnerships were made and old friendships renewed. It appears that we will soon have very good distribution in Peru, Chile, Mexico and Panama. It was great to also meet many local parents and teachers who live in Guadalajara. Thank you for stopping by our exhibit to say, “Hello” and for letting us know how much your students enjoy our songs.

Before returning home, I spent a few days in Ajijic, one of my favorite places. Ajijic is a very small city, located very close Guadalajara’s airport, on the shores of Lake Chapala. The Los Artistos Bed and Breakfast, where I stayed, proved to be the most beautiful, restful place one could ever imagine.

Young artist, Rosaria, with her hand drawn Christmas cards.

A mural on the wall of Centro Escolar Marcos Castellanos.