March, 2009

Mar 09

My Two Incredible Kids

You know, I think that as parents, sometimes we neglect to tell our own children how proud we are of them. I want to take this moment to tell the whole world how proud I am of my son, Ben and my daughter, Jesi.

Benjamin, who is now 28, is an amazing web designer and photographer who combines extreme sports with philanthropic causes. He shoots amazing videos while paragliding through the sky which he then edits when he should be sleeping. Benjamin made the video below last year documenting the clear-cut forests and pine beetle infestation problems in British Columbia. To learn more about his plans to paraglide across the entire country of Canada visiting and photographing kids in summer camps from the sky, visit

My daughter Jessica, who is 23, has become a well known video artist in Toronto. She has made a name for herself producing animated music videos for Toronto bands. Each video takes her three months to complete. Last week, three of Jesi’s music videos were featured on the Much Music website. All three videos can be viewed by clicking here: