June, 2007

Jun 07

The Beginning of a Great Summer

I know it’s been a long time since my last post. One would expect life to be simpler in the summer, but between a Spanish course at the local community college and the preparation involved in producing our new series for beginning readers, there hasn’t been much time.

The big news around here is not with me, it’s with my kids.

You may remember that my son, Benjamin Jordan, alongside three friends, Rob Lewis, Aaron Jackson and Carlos Koppen, made a trek across Canada last year on skateboards. The 5,000 mile (8,000 km) trip took over five months and raised $60,000. Next month they will be honored during the Calgary Stampede when they lead the parade as parade marshals. The city of Calgary literally shuts down for this parade and it is televised nationally as well. Congratulations boys! You can view the stampede promo video for these extraordinary young men here: http://cs.calgarystampede.com/video_popout/video.html?video_id=18 or visit the “Push for the Cure:” website here:

My daughter, Jessica, a video artist, has been just as busy. Tomorrow I’ll be attending a reception at the “X Space” gallery in
Toronto, which is exhibiting many of her latest videos. You may already know of Jesi. She has been illustrating our books and creating our free cartoon lessons online for the last few years. Congratulations and a big hug to Jesi who spends endless hours creating her animated videos. You can watch a couple of Jesi’s videos by click on the following links:



You must wonder if I have any spare time at all! I’m including a few photos of fun things I like to do in the summer. Often on the weekends, we drive to a little café in the neighboring town of Welland. The attraction here is that they serve “los huevos rancheros”, a Mexican breakfast, and they also have a stack of free newspapers en español.

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The Welland Café [left] and Belinda [right] hard at work.

Belinda, who hails from Mexico City, and seems to know everyone in town, works there all day long and is happy to converse in Spanish.

We are lucky to live near the water here. Just behind the house, there is almost always a duo of geese pecking away at the grass. I’ve noticed lately that they squawk in two different pitches. I was hoping to do a little research to see if the males squawk one pitch and the females another. This goose squawks a C#. I took his/her photo but haven’t been able to discern whether he/she is male or female.

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The goose behind my house [left] and many ducks near the pier [right].

While looking for more geese for this informal survey, we decided to take a walk down to the pier. Alas, lots of ducks but no geese! Oh well.