International Women’s Day

This past weekend Jess, my daughter, and I attended a concert featuring a popular local female band, Broadband. This was Broadband’s 15th annual benefit concert to raise money for Women’s Place in St. Catharines and to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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Jess and me [left], Broadband concert [right].

Women’s Place is a charity providing housing, safety and support for abused women and their children. The shelter is actually moving soon to a fantastic new location in a former elementary school.

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The future home of Women’s Place, St. Catharines.

Today I received an email from Amnesty International. I thought I would pass along the information. You can quiz yourself on women’s rights around the world, by taking the quiz here: By the way, entrants can also win prizes.

Canadians are urged to send e-postcards to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs urging him to use part of the $300 million dollars Canada is sending to Afghanistan, to protect the rights of women as well as men. You can participate, and send an e-postcard to Foreign Minister, Peter MacKay, by clicking the link here:

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