March, 2007

Mar 07

International Women’s Day

This past weekend Jess, my daughter, and I attended a concert featuring a popular local female band, Broadband. This was Broadband’s 15th annual benefit concert to raise money for Women’s Place in St. Catharines and to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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Jess and me [left], Broadband concert [right].

Women’s Place is a charity providing housing, safety and support for abused women and their children. The shelter is actually moving soon to a fantastic new location in a former elementary school.

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The future home of Women’s Place, St. Catharines.

Today I received an email from Amnesty International. I thought I would pass along the information. You can quiz yourself on women’s rights around the world, by taking the quiz here: By the way, entrants can also win prizes.

Canadians are urged to send e-postcards to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs urging him to use part of the $300 million dollars Canada is sending to Afghanistan, to protect the rights of women as well as men. You can participate, and send an e-postcard to Foreign Minister, Peter MacKay, by clicking the link here:

Mar 07


Well. It looks like we escaped a few ice and snow storms again. It seems that just as we missed a major storm (at home) while we were in New York City, we have missed the second major storm while in Atlanta!

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Wil and I setting up the booth.

Every spring, members of the National School Supply and Equipment Association meet for ED EXPO. Wil and I were able to fly in a day early so we had lots of time to set up. It could easily take half an hour to walk from one end to the other of the mammoth convention center. Atlanta is also home of CNN.

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(left) Georgia Congress Center, (right) huge CNN building, across the street.

I view everything at the show now from a new perspective, after having taken on the challenge of being a literacy tutor. Hopefully I’ll be able to come home with some great resources and I’ll let you know how they work out.

Buyers often approach our display asking what makes our educational audio so special.
Yesterday I shared a story with one of our customers. He found it so interesting that I think I’ll recount it here.

This past November, while exhibiting at the Guadalajara Fair in Mexico, the buyer for Mexico’s major book store chain stopped by to place an order. Her face was beaming as she asked, “Sara, do you see how well I can speak English now?” It turns out that she had been practicing with some sample copies of our Bilingual Songs. Her English had improved so much that she was confidently able to do business in the new language. These CD kits are flawless. They can help students, of any age, learn either language easily and they’re fun.