February, 2007

Feb 07

2007 American International Toy Fair

We’re in NYC for the Toy Fair and finding us here, you’ll see by the photos, could be like finding Waldo!

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Some of the busier places at this year’s Toy Fair.

One of our neighbors at the Toy Fair, is David of the Little Linguists Company in Hong Kong. I have long admired the videos that Little Linguists posts up on You Tube. You can see them here too, by clicking on this link.


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David from Little Linguists.

If you happen to be attending the Toy Fair, you’ll find us at booth 3217. France Gobeil, my associate, and I are having a terrific time meeting all sorts of interesting people.

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Sara and France exhibiting at Toy Fair.

Feb 07

The Hustle and Bustle of New York City

I’ve been spending the last few days at the KidScreen Summit. KidScreen is an annual meeting of more than 1000 industry leaders from 35 countries. I’d say that most people here are involved in children’s television programming.

We had a little bit of excitement here that had nothing to do with the industry meetings. The Sheraton Hotel experienced an electrical fire our first night here. Apparently there were 8 fire engines, with the media and helicopters flying overhead in full force. We were instructed by an overhead speaker system, at least every five minutes, to stay in our rooms. Many people panicked and went down to the lobby where they waited wrapped in blankets. Luckily there were no fatalities.

I WAS able to snap a couple of photos showing the hustle of the industry and the bustle of the city (Times Square).

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The hustle of the industry [left] and the bustle of the city [right].

We’re moving on to set up for the New York Toy Fair tomorrow. More pics to follow!