July, 2005

Jul 05

Summertime at Sara Jordan Publishing

Things have been pretty quiet around here as we rethink, assemble and rethink again volumes 3 and 4 of the Bilingual Songs series. Diana has been working on this full time and I think that you’ll be duly impressed with the material. Of course these new learning kits will have accompanying resource books filled with reproducible exercises too. We can hardly wait to show them off!

A big thank you to High Hopes Learning Center of Enon, Ohio. These kids, not only sent in dozens of entries to our Alimentary Canal Cruise Coloring Contest they sent along this special “Thank You” card when they won! Three cheers for the kids and staff at “High Hopes Learning Center”.

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A big “thank you” from High Hopes Learning Center [top] and names of the students at High Hopes Learning Center [bottom].

Jul 05

The Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Lately the weather’s been great. My favorite pastime on weekends is canoeing up Twelve Mile Creek. We take the canoe, pass the rowers on Martindale Pond and then paddle up the creek until we can’t go any further. The place is filled with waterlilies, herons, families of turtles, and a couple of swans (who often threaten to attack!)

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Rowers on Martindale pond [top left], entering Twelve Mile Creek [top right], a family of turtles [bottom left], and a blue heron [bottom right].

The rest of the time we’re as busy as ever. I haven’t been travelling much lately. Most of the energy around here is channelled into the development of two more volumes of Bilingual Songs with accompanying resource books. Take care everybody and enjoy the weather!