Day five, and the end of my first week on the road

It’s the last day of my first week on the road. I sat and talked for a long time over breakfast with Laura and Gil. I am almost sorry to be leaving. I wanted to tell them that their house was like a real home. It wasn’t just a house. It was a real home.

The first stop on my schedule, Tammy’s Home School Resource Exchange, wasn’t far from Laura and Gil’s place and conveniently located just beside the Farmers Market in Lemoyne, PA. (Ha-ha.) I figured they had locked up. Laden down with samples and boxes, I tried to open the door with my left hand. It appeared to be locked. I went back to my van to look for the phone number. When I returned, I saw someone at the door. It turned out that only the right-hand door opens. Serves me ‘right’ for being left handed.

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Tammy showing off her new samples to excited patrons.

Tammy, the proprietor, was very gracious and really excited to see all of our audio kits. She wanted to open them and try them right away. She had customers placing orders before I even left. I can see why her store is a success. Tammy is such an outgoing and positive person; her enthusiasm is felt throughout the store.

On the way out, I couldn’t help but stop in at the Lemoyne Farmers Market. Pennsylvania, what a great place for great food!

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I had to include this picture of Lemoyne Farmers Market. What a great place!

Finally, I dropped off some samples at the Home and School Connection in Hagerstown before retiring for the evening.

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Inside of the Home and School Connection, my final stop of the week.

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