Mar 15

World Congress of Modern Languages

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The World Congress of Modern Languages (WCML) conference is just two weeks away and we’ll be there! Please visit our exhibit.

This promises to be an exciting conference with over 1000 participants with the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers joining the OMLTA (Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association) and FIPLV (International Modern Language Teachers’ Federation) to make this a truly international conference.

Feb 15

Try Our New iPad App!

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Sing & Play Sight WordsWe’re excited to announce the release of our new app for the iPad, Sing & Play Sight Words. This FREE app includes all the songs from Singing Sight Words, vol. 1. Other volumes are available to purchase from within the app. Each song includes digital worksheets and interactive activities to make learning Sight Words easy and fun. Try it today!

Download on the App Store

Jan 15

Valentine’s Day Newsletter

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The newsletter is now available. You can get your free Valentine’s Song mp3 and a coupon code for 15% discount here!
Note: the Special 15% discount expires Feb. 1st.

Nov 14

2014 Guadalajara International Book Fair

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guad-book-fairSara Jordan Publishing will be at the Guadalajara International Book Fair later this week. This year’s attendance is expected to be close to 800,000. It really is an amazing experience. We’ll be in the Rights Center presenting our Phonics, Sight Words, Bilingual Songs and Math series.

If you plan on attending, please feel free to contact me. We can meet for an espresso!

Hasta luego!

Oct 14

The Frankfurt Book Fair – 2014

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The Frankfurt Book Fair this year was fantastic, as always. What a busy time it was with over 140,000 trade visitors meeting and mingling with just as many exhibitors. It was a marathon just to walk through the book fair, which was housed in 8 different enormous buildings and accessible by “people movers” or shuttle buses which connect each of the buildings.

FLTRPPublishing professionals the world over, look forward to meeting every year in Frankfurt. I made sure to stop by the FLTRP stand to meet Jason Wang from the Children’s Planning Department. Our Phonics Series, which FLTRP has licensed to sell across mainland China, was on display.

YELCChatting about business, over coffee, is a great pastime too. Pictured here, is Alexander Lushkov of YELC in Russia. Alexander has been selling our titles in his store but is now gearing up to start digital sales from his website.

lovelockA Saturday afternoon walk around Frankfurt included a visit to one of my favorite places, the Eiserner Steg Bridge known as the “Love Lock Bridge”. This is a destination for sweethearts who come to lock a padlock on the bridge as a public showing of their affection.

Sep 14

Travels to Beijing – 2014 Beijing International Book Fair

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I was in for quite the surprise during my first day of exhibiting at the Beijing International Book Fair this year.

Carole Ji of FLTRP (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press) stopped by to show me the brightly colored Phonics Series, which FLTRP was about to launch during the fair. The most amazing thing about this series was that it was really our series that FLTRP had licensed earlier in the year with the help of Wanda Chou of Big Apple Agency. Carole had told me about the very high quality of their work, but now I could see it for myself!


Not only did the series look beautiful, but each of the pages had been chemically treated so that if touched by one of their “talking pens” all of the actual words, phrases and songs could be heard aloud (coming out of a speaker built into the pen).

Later in the week, FLTRP held a special event to launch their new titles. Of course I was invited where I proudly posed with the series and with Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Zhang Siying.


It was at Siying’s invitation that I was able to visit the headquarters of FLTRP. I have many, many photos. All I can say is that it’s a beautiful building which, besides housing meeting rooms and offices for 1500 employees, also offers 2 complete floors of lodging for international visitors as well as private dining rooms for important meetings and several cafeterias to feed the 1,500 employees who eat in shifts.



Apparently, FLTRP also owns another even bigger building which is used as a training center for teachers in China. The second building boasts an indoor pool, lodging and meeting rooms for all of the teachers as well as hot springs which are located on the property.

During my visit to the FLTRP headquarters, I was shown all around their building, from the impressive lobby, to the many meeting rooms, the recording studio, and even a television studio which is sometimes used by the government to produce television shows.

Colleagues Lang Song and Tang Zhihong joined Siying, Carole and me for a six course luncheon which was cooked onsite and served by female servers wearing crisp white and red uniforms.


If you ever have the chance to do business with China, it makes visiting the country much more meaningful. Over the past two years, besides licensing our Phonics Series to FLTRP, we have also produced over 100 curriculum-based songs and chants to be used with various FLTRP series. I found it wonderful to meet and chat with the people I’ve been working with. Everything seems to come together and the world seems much smaller!

Jul 14

We Did It!

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sing_sing_phonics1Our Phonics Series, which was licensed to FLTRP last year, is now in the major bookstores across mainland China. How cool is that? They’ve incorporated talking book technology too!

When I started producing these educational resources twenty four years ago, I never imagined they would be used as far away as China. Technology allows us to work and collaborate in so many ways we only dreamed of before. Nice  :-)


Jul 14

Preparing for the Beijing International Book Fair

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Nothing is more exciting than preparing to exhibit at an international book fair. Especially when said fair is on the other side of the world!

See you soon at the Beijing International Book Fair! Last year we successfully licensed our Phonics Series to FLTRP in China. Of course we have many more great titles we are planning to license this year!

Many thanks to Vivian Xu, Eric Yang and Darryl Taylor for helping me to prepare on this side of the world. And to Wando Chou and Big Apple Agency for taking care of everything in China. Click on the image to view our brand new catalog in Mandarin!

Jul 14

Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin Recording Session in Toronto

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sara_street2Finally! After months of preparation, we all met in Toronto last week to record Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin, vol. 2.

They say that a change is as good as a rest, and for me that proved true. Rather than battle the traffic back and forth from St. Catharines, I stayed in Toronto and felt like a tourist (at least at night when I wasn’t working).


A big thank you to Vivian Xu, Winona Xunuo, Steven Xu, Eric Yang and Mark Shannon for spending endless hours to make sure that this recording will be outstanding.

Vivian Xu [left] and Winona Xunuo [right].

Vivian Xu [left] and Winona Xunuo [right].

Steven Xu

Steven Xu.


Now I can hardly wait! This album will be travelling in my handbag to the Beijing International Book Fair. I think that my friends and colleagues in China will be really impressed!

Jul 14

Review: Bilingual Songs English-French

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Bilingual Songs: English-French, vol. 1 CD Book KitMany thanks to homeschooling mother, Leanne Seel, for writing this great review of our Bilingual English-French series! http://frenglishlearning.com/sara-jordans-bilingual-songs-cd-set-product-review/.

Leanne, mentioned that her favorite song on Volume 2, is about counting to 30 and the rabbits that keep multiplying in my backyard. That song makes me laugh too, Leanne, because that is exactly what things seemed like when I wrote that song!